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Vista Palace Hotel

Vista Palace Hotel

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Michelle Hold


Born in Munic,  I live and work in Italy.

Since I left Austria , where I grew up and started to study architecture I have been travelling all my life, from Australia to California, from Cambodia to Panama, Thailand to Zanzibar. Staying long periods in Rome, Milan, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, London where I frequented several art courses. And I continue to travel, because seeing new places for me means learning, adapting, opening my mind and all this influences my way to paint and approach life. At this moment I am working on the paintings for  my solo exhibition " Blu Mood " and

I started  a new cycle   "Silence will fall"

 I am interested in things that are invisible and cannot easily be apprehended by intellect, because I think that they are the eternal ones.

My research reaches out into the endless energy that pervades the universe.  In my paintings, I try to evoke vibrating fields of energy. 

 Ultimately, it is a sense of equilibrium that I seek to express, a feeling of inner peace and balance towards the attainment of a divine state. Reminiscent of a dream voyage to another place, I evoke my own subconscious while revealing universal truths about the celebration of life. For me, painting is also a spiritual approach to life.