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Masha Gusova


Born in Moscow in 1987, Masha Gusova is a young British artist of Russian origin who has spent most of her life in the UK. Her current work is an observation of the world around us in all its darkness, quirkiness and humour. It combines elements of decadence, dreams and a theatrical surrealism to portray a very real world that essentially deals with human desires and fears, as well as the various roles we play in our lives. The macrocosm leading us into the microcosm is a strong, recurring theme throughout as we go from a landscape with multiple figures engaged in various activities, to taking a voyeuristic peek into a private sphere.

Since 2011, Gusova has exhibited at group shows at the House of the Nobleman and the Red Bull Studios in London, as well as successfully completing a Bachelor degree in Art History at SOAS, University of London in 2013.