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Helen Kholin




Saint Petersburg, 1985

Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark



2014 Charity auction led by Kasper Nielsen, Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of fine arts

           (Danish - Indian Child Welfare - Dansk - Indisk Børnehjælp) Islandsbrygge, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 Common exhibition "Spring Spirit" in Artkemy gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 "Kunst, Kemi, Kærlighed", Artkemi gallery, Denmark

2014 "in Glorious colors Showdown"  Competition, Saatchi art

2014 Oxford International Art Fair at Oxford Town Hall. Oxford, United Kingdom

2014 "Chemistry of Art" ARTKEMI gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2014 Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Cromatica,  gallery MARZIA FROZEN, Berlin, Germany

2013 "Painted Faces Showdown" Competition, Saatchi art

2013 "Autumn Exhibition" - Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013  “3 Festdage for Maleriet” ("3 feast days of painting") Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 “ Integreret kunst - 48 TIMER Festival” Denmark

2013 marts LondonArt's exhibition "Easter"  England

2013 Poster Competition “Kulturhavn” Denmark

2013 Solo exhibition "Love and Art", Words Culture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012 Solo exhibition "They live in the city" (Words Culture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 Common exhibition "New Names" (used old artist pseudonym - dobraja)   Saint-Petersburg, Russia

1998 Common exhibition, Palace of Youth Creativity, Sankt-Peterburg,  Rusland